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I'm a Charter Member of the BC Collaborative Roster Society. I've been associated with Collaborative Divorce Vancouver since 2002 and am a former Co-Chair.

Divorce Coaching, whether in a collaborative or litigation situation, is about supporting parents to have constructive conversations toward reaching their co-parenting goals.
It's an opportunity to explore what your vision for co-parenting is and about establishing the nuts and bolts of a parenting plan that reflects both parents wants and needs.
It's important to establish a parenting plan that both parents feel good about.
The divorce research bears out the fact that children can manage relatively well through divorce and the move into two separate households.
It's the conflict between parents that is the determining factor for how children will do in the long run. Divorce Coaches play a pivotal part in helping to manage that conflict.
"Divorce is thought of as a legal process
with an emotional component,
people experience divorce as an emotional process with a legal component..."
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"The Divorce Coach: An Underutilized Professional, Who Provides Huge Benefit"
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