Collaborative practice is interested based and works to resolve issues. As the Collaborative slogan goes, "Resolving Disputes Respectfully."

Having your own coach helps to keep the reactivity down and the dialogue moving forward which means things will happen in a more timely and efficient manner.

Collaborative Divorce Coaching helps you to have productive conversations toward reaching an agreement.

This means less time overall spent on legal fees, and, of course, no court costs!

While people worry about the financial costs of divorce they often overlook at the emotional cost of divorce. Depending on the degree of conflict you experience when divorcing it will have an emotional toll on you and your children that lasts years, even to the point of knocking a family off course for a generation.

If you're stressed and anxious, your children will undoubtedly absorb that stress whether you are aware of it or not.

A collaborative approach is built to reduce conflict and move both parties toward agreement.

You and your children will benefit from escaping unnecessary stress and tension through this more respectful process.

A word about the cost of the Collaborative Approach

Chart Outlining the Costs of Collaborative Divorce compared to Litigation ~ Lawyer, Danny Zack
Joan Kelly Youtube interview about the emotional cost of conflict on children during and after divorce
International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, Summary of Research on Cost of Collaborative Divorce ~ Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Art Lewin